Жак Тюрго: цитаты

Тирания подавляет умы тяжестью своего режима.

Every soil does not produce every material.

Not only there does not exist, nor can exist, any other revenue than the clear produce of land, but it is the earth also that has furnished all capitals, that form the mass of all the advances of culture and commerce. It has produced, without culture, the first gross and indispensible advances of the first labourers; all the rest are the accumulated fruits of the ?conomy of successive ages, since they have begun to cultivate the earth.

Политика есть искусство предвидения настоящего.

The productions of the earth require long and difficult preparations, before they are rendered fit to supply the wants of men.

If the land was divided among all the inhabitants of a country, so that each of them possessed precisely the quantity necessary for his support, and nothing more; it is evident that all of them being equal, no one would work for another.

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