Захир-ад-дин Мухаммед Бабур: цитаты

Hindustan is a country which has few pleasures to recommend it…. Indians have no idea of the charms of friendly society, of frankly mixing together, or of familiar intercourse…. They have no horses, no good grapes, or musk melons, no good fruits, no ice or cold water, no good food or bread in their bazaars, no bath or colleges, no candles, no torches, not a candle stick

Делать хорошее дурным людям то же самое, что поступать дурно с хорошими людьми.

Уж лучше совершить тяжелых сто грехов,
Принять сто тяжких мук, сто обрести врагов,
Чем, став ослушником, родителя обидеть,
Чем не прийти к нему в тяжелый час на зов.

My own soul is my most faithful friend. My own heart, my truest confidant.

Чем жить с дурной славой, лучше умереть с доброй славой.

Раз существует в мире страсть, то праведность, смиренье —
Одни слова: что в них есть смысл — нам явно показалось.

Тот, кто говорит много, говорит без толку.

Wherever they found magnificent temples of the Hindus ever since the establishment of Sayyid Salar Mas'ud Ghazi's rule, the Muslim rulers in India built mosques, monasteries and inns, appointed mu'azzins, teachers, and store-stewards, spread Islam vigorously and vanquished the Kafirs. Likewise, they cleared up Faizabad and Avadh, too, from the filth of reprobation (infidelity), because it was a great centre of worship and capital of Rama's father. Where there stood the great temple (of Ramjanmasthan), there they built a big mosque, and where there was a small mandap (pavilion), there they erected a camp mosque (masjid-i-mukhtasar-i-qanati). The Janmasthan temple is the principal place of Rama's incarnation, adjacent to which is the Sita ki Rasoi. Hence, what a lofty mosque was built there by king Babar in AH 923 (AD 1528) under the patronage of Musa Ashiqan! The mosque is still known far and wide as the Sita ki Rasoi mosque. And that temple is extant by its side

Я старше, мне учить, тебе учиться, брат,
Лишь нынче понял я, что жизнь как птица, брат.
Лови ее сейчас, люби сегодня милых,
Ведь завтра этот день не повторится, брат.

All these trod the road to Hell, removing from this house of clay to the pit of perdition. The enemy's country was full, as Hell is full, of wounded who had died on the road. The lowest pit was gorged with miscreants who had surrendered their souls to the lord of Hell. In whatever direction one from the army of Islam hastened, he found everywhere a self-willed one dead; whatever march the illustrious camp made in the wake of the fugitives, it found no foot-space without its prostrate foe. All the Hindus slain, abject and mean, By matchlock-stones, like the Elephants' lords, Many hills of their bodies were seen, And from each hill a fount of running blood.

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