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Not a single Storm Trooper would have followed Rohm. The whole body was merely a revolt of leaders, and only quite a small group of the leaders were willing to take part.

I must tell you first, in order to clear up any uncertainty about my own position, that I never speak primarily as a member of the S. A., but as a National Socialist, since the S. A. cannot be independent of the National Socialist movement but can only exist as a part of it.

The tragedy in the long history of the German people is that it has seldom had real leaders. Not that it lacked military leadership. What was lacking was political leadership, the political idea, the Weltanschauung (worldview) that National Socialism gives. The S. A. man as a political soldier is the bearer of this Weltanschauung, this National Socialist idea. Political soldiery is the foundation of the state.

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