Мохаммед Реза Пехлеви: цитаты

Soviet propaganda is remarkably effective and the Americans are even more remarkably stupid.

One of my chief "crimes" then, was to have wanted Iran to move from the oil age into the atomic age before it was too late. Must I blush for that? The peaceful use of nuclear energy did not create problems for radiation and contamination for us since we have vast stretches of desert…
I was accused of having adopted the plans for nuclear power stations among others for reasons of "personal ambition". Was it not obvious that I would be dead before most of these plans had been carried out? Why speak of personal ambition then? It was rather a question of forseeing Iran's needs. My "personal" ambitions are known to all men of good faith — to preserve national unity, to make the Iranian people as happy as possible and to prepare a more peaceful future.

He [the King of Morocco] spends half his time asleep and the rest of it buried between the legs of the fairer sex.

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