Michael Jackson цитата: So, just leave me alone, Leave me alone, Leave me …

… to all the monsters in my nursery: May you never leave me alone.

No, I'm a man with a rule. People leave me alone, I leave them alone. If they don't, I don't.

—leave me," Japhrimel snarled. "You will not leave me to wander the earth alone—breathe, damn you, breathe!

I only want one thing of men, and that is, that they should leave me alone.

Don't leave me alone!
A cry in the night,
Of anguish heart-stiking,
Of soul-killing fright.

Live for my living
Or else I must die
Don't leave me alone.
A world heard that cry.

Just leave me alone. I'm not myself. I'm falling apart, and I don't want you here.

I love my government not least for the extent to which it leaves me alone.

I'd stop a train just to watch you get off,
Don't leave me alone with my whiskey thoughts.

There was no point. It's already done. Let's leave that alone. I mean, if you're not going to come there with something new, then just leave it alone.

Friends… Romans… Countrymen… leave me alone.

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