Карл Великий: цитаты

Bishops should despise this world and inspire others by their example to seek after heavenly things. But now you are corrupted by ambition beyond all the rest of mankind; and one of them not content with holding the first episcopal see in Germany has dared without my approval to claim my golden sceptre, which I carry to signify my royal will, in order that he might use it as his pastoral staff.

Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right.

Вы, дворяне, вы, сыновья моих полководцев, мягкие и щеголеватые, верящие в свое происхождение и свое богатство, не обращающие внимания на мои приказания и свои успехи — вы пренебрегли стремлением к знаниям и предались развлечениям, праздности и глупым развлечениям. Клянусь Господом, я ничего не думаю о вашем благородстве и красоте. Другие могут восхищаться вами. Знайте это без всякого сомнения; если вы не восполните быстро свою праздность энергичными усилиями, вы никогда не получите никаких привилегий от Карла Великого.

It is not lack of self-restraint but care for others which makes me dine in Lent before the hour of evening.

You nobles, you sons of my leading men, soft and dandified, trusting in your birth and your wealth, paying no attention to my command and your advancement, you neglected the pursuit of learning and indulged yourselves in the sport of pleasure and idleness and foolish pastimes. By the King of the heavens I think nothing of your nobility and your beauty. Others can admire you. Know this without any doubt; unless you rapidly make up for your idleness by eager effort, you will never receive any benefit from Charlemagne.

Надежда – это сон для тех, кто бодрствует.

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