Joan Rivers цитата: Two is company; three is fifty bucks.

I might have enjoyed the company of a woman or two… Or three but that had never
stopped me from loving you.

(sings) 80 Bucks I want my 80 bucks!

The key issue is jobs. You can't get away from it: jobs. Having a buck or two in your pocket and feeling like somebody.

You grew up during the second oil crunch, didn’t you?” Sirhan prods. What was it like then?”
What was it…? Oh, gas hit fifty bucks a gallon, but we still had plenty for bombers,” she says dismissively. We knew it would be okay.”

They spent all week saving pennies and went out Saturdays to spend fifty bucks in three hours.

Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer.

The buck stops here!

The buck stops with everybody.

But I always say, one's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party

In married life, three is company, and two is none.

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