Gianni Sarcone цитата: A world without problems is an illusion, so is a …

As there is a use in medicine for poisons, so the world cannot move without rogues.

There is no place so dangerous as a world without magic.

All your problems are just illusions that will pass without a trace.

Great literature, past or present, is the expression of great knowledge of the human heart; great art is the expression of a solution of the conflict between the demands of the world without and that within…

In a world that changes at an exponential rate, members of such world community have to be very proficient in finding reasonable solutions to the problems that they face by themselves.

[Knowing how to suffer without complaining is the only practical thing, it's the great science, the lesson to learn, the solution to the problem of life. ]

A world without love would be no world.

A world without delight and without affection is a world destitute of value.

The world does so well without me, that I am moved to wish that I could do equally well without the world.

The problem of establishing a perfect civic constitution is dependent upon the problem of a lawful external relation among states and cannot be solved without a solution of the latter problem.

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