Тристан Тцара: цитаты

You'll never know why you exist, but you'll always allow yourselves to be easily persuaded to take life seriously.

Нам наплевать на всех людей, что были до нас.

I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way."

— Tristan Tzara "Dada Manifesto 1918

Always destroy what is in you.

Dada is not at all modern. It is more in the nature of a return to an almost Buddhist religion of indifference. Dada covers things with an artificial gentleness, a snow of butterflies released from the head of a prestidigitator. Dada is immobility and does not comprehend the passions.

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