Ralph Waldo Emerson цитата: Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild …

Love is not a feeling; it's a sensation. Drinking water when you're thirsty is a sensation, not a feeling. Being in nature or swimming in the sea is a sensation, not a feeling.

I felt a momentary urge to leap into the sea and swim free of the present.

Those that merely talk and never think,
That live in the wild anarchy of drink.

Now that man can fly through the air like a bird … and swim in the sea like a fish, wouldn't it be wonderful if he could just walk the earth like a man?

He was swimming in a sea of other people’s expectations. Men had drowned in seas like that.

Acquiring carnal knowledge is like swimming in the sea … The sea's so beautiful to look at, so wonderful to swim in, but you must never bathe unless it's safe. People so often drown in the sea and some coasts are so very dangerous, … like the Coast of Gower.

The black earth drinks, in turn
The trees drink up the earth.
The sea the torrents drinks, the sun the sea,
And the moon drinks the sun.
Why, comrades, do ye flout me,
If I, too, wish to drink?

Such laughter, like sunshine on the deep sea, is very beautiful to me.

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.

She was a sea: and I had to swim in her.

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