Лудовико Ариосто: цитаты

As it was ordered, all fell out aright,
For seldom ill design is schemed in vain.

Words one can hear, the face is plain to see:
The inmost heart one seldom can discern.

Жестокость — это порождение злого ума и часто трусливого сердца.

One man saluted him, another bowed,
Some kissed his hand, still others kissed his foot;
Whoever touched him, joyful was and proud,
For supernatural he seemed, if not
Divine; jostling around him in a crowd,
As close as possible the Bulgars got,
And clamoured for him raucously and cried
To be their king, their captain and their guide.

Когда рассудок поддается порыву или гневу и слепая ярость оскорбляет друга действием или словом, то позже ни слезы, ни вздохи не в состоянии исправить ошибки.

My master ought to have remembered what
A glittering prize can do to bend the will,
Yet at the crucial moment he forgot
And all his fortune changed from good to ill.

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