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One can't get to know people well here; the social life is amusing but superficial. However, remember that I am just a savage, from the jungles (of New Guinea where he had sailed and worked as a government clerk)! Perhaps when I am tamed, I will jump through the social hoops, too.

So, come all you young men. with your wicked, wicked ways. Sow your wild oats in your younger days. So that we may be happy when we grow old. Yes! happy and happy when we grow old. For the day's getting on and the night's getting long. Darling please gimme your arm and we'll joggle along, yes, we'll joggle and joggle and joggle along.

This man more than superseded my every expectation I had…if you live with a man under duress (this is before the victory…) he is I think…he will rank in history with some of the greats.

Не знаю, на что женщины тратят столько денег: они ведь не пьют, не играют в карты и не содержат женщин.

Главное не то, что «они» говорят о вас, главное то, что «они» говорят шепотом.

Если у меня есть какой-нибудь талант, это — талант к тому, как жить.

Неудачник: любой человек, оставивший 10 000 долларов после своей смерти.

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