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I said years ago that I would rather be the man who helped on a rational scheme which should secure the comfort of old age than I would be a general who had won ever so many victories in the field. These are, to me, the two most tragic sights in the world—a man who is able to work, and anxious to work, and who cannot get work; and the other tragic sight is that of a man who has worked until his eyes have become dim, and his natural force has become abated, and he is left to spend the declining years of a life that has been so nobly used, so honourably used, in straits, difficulties, and hardships.

You cannot demonstrate an emotion or prove an aspiration.

There is a loud cry in these days for clues that shall guide the plain man through the vast bewildering labyrinth of printed volumes.

Самая сильная в мире вода — женские слезы.

Успех того, что говорит женщина, зависит от трех вещей: кто говорит, что она говорит и как она это говорит. Из этих трех вещей то, ЧТО она говорит наименее важно.

Афоризмы — истинная житейская мудрость и соль литературы.

The proper memory for a politician is one that knows what to remember and what to forget.

Политика — это неустанный выбор из двух зол.

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