Coco Chanel цитата: There are people who have money and people who are …

No, the enjoyment of an idle life doesn't cost any money. The capacity for true enjoyment of idleness is lost in the moneyed class and can be found only among people who have a supreme contempt for wealth. It must come from an inner richness of the soul in a man who loves the simple ways of life and who is somewhat impatient with the business of making money.

People will say "there's no money in music", that's not true, there's no money in music to people who aren't educated on how to make money.

And in all my years, I have never met a rich person who has never lost money. But I have met a lot of poor people who have never lost a dime…investing, that is.

The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.

Nothing is more portable than rich people and their money

People who advocate simplicity have money in the bank; the money came first, not the simplicity. (from inside the cover)

It’s government people, not rich people, who have the power to coerce and make our lives miserable.

Money is a great barometer of people’s integrity. Money often reveals who we really are.

The point that the Democrats missed was that the people who weren’t rich wanted to be rich.

I think it’s a good reality check to grow up in New York, because every day you’re exposed to people from all parts of the world, people that don’t have any money, people who live on the street, rich people — especially if you’re not sheltered.

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