Акбар I Великий: цитаты

[Akbar is reported to have said:] My dear child… with all of God’s creatures, I am at peace; why should I permit myself, under any consideration, to be the cause of molestation or aggression to any one? Besides, are not five parts in six of mankind either Hindus or aliens to the faith; and were I to be governed by motives of the kind suggested in your inquiry, what alternative can I have but to put them all to death? I have thought it therefore my wisest plan to let these men alone.”

Многие глупцы, поклонники традиций, принимают обычай предков за указание разума и тем самым обрекают себя на вечный позор.

The compassionate heart of his majesty finds no pleasure in cruelties or in causing sorrow to others; he is ever sparing of the lives of his subjects, wishing to bestow happiness upon all.

[The people also got busy collecting] "all kinds of exploded errors, and brought them to his Majesty, as if they were so many presents… Every doctrine and command of Islam as the prophetship, the harmony of Islam with reason… the details of the day of resurrection and judgement, all were doubted and ridiculed."

Islam, like the other two religions of the Judaic family, is exclusive-minded and intolerant by comparison with the religions and philosophies of Indian origin. Yet the influence of India on Akbar went so deep that he was characteristically Indian in (his) large-hearted catholicity.

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